Mode change based automations and Away mode

I am trying to use mode manager but I'm seeking some clarification on a feature.

When my mode changes to Night based on sunset time, a number of my external lights come on low. This works quite well until I introduce the 'Away' mode. Say I leave the house in day mode at 4PM. When 7PM rolls around and the sun sets, the hub does not change to night mode as the default behavior for away mode in Mode Manager is to stay in Away mode. Because the hub wants to stay in away mode, now none of my night time automations work.

What am I missing here? Perhaps I should have night away and day away modes?

Ideally if you can solve this inside the mode manager app that would be preferable, and I can't help you with that part necessarily. But for your outside lights, that sounds like more of a time-based rule rather than something you should tie to modes. Perhaps a rule in RM would suit better, triggered based on sunset-X?

It sounds like you want the lights to come on whether you are at home or away so as @sburke781 suggested use a time as a trigger not the change of mode.
There is an option in mode manger for modes to ignore time changes and you could remove away from this but it kind of defeats the purpose of having an away mode if it can change when you are still away.

Thank you. I guess I was trying a little too hard to condense everything.

I have previously done this as a time based rule machine, but I thought I could combine a number of rules based on mode. I will just do a few separate rule machine rules. Is there a general limit on the number of rules you can have before performance starts to decline?

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Glad I could help. I don't believe there is a limit on the rules.

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