Mobilus Cosmo Gtw roller controller

I've order hubitat to control my zwave devices but I have also 7 roller shutters with bulit-in radio controller 868Mhz in motors. Producer (Polish company Mobilus) have also a gateway for motors called COSMO GTW manual . Is it possible to connect it via HE hub?
Other possibility for me is to buy 7x roller shutter controls (for eg. Fibaro) but it will be more expensive (cosmo gtw 110$, 7x fibaro is about 435$) and there could be problem with controlling it becouse motors have obstacle detection

There would be no way to control the devices directly since there is no 868Mhz radio. If there is an open api you might be able to construct something using Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc for which there are 868 Mhz transceivers available. It is possible that a Community developed driver Hubduino could be adapted.

I was adding manual mean while... This is a gate with WiFi and bulit in 868mhz transmitter/receiver (because motors are 2way)

If there is a published open API for the roller shades, it might be possible so you would need to check with the manufacturer. A search of the SmartThings forum doesn't turn up anything so there haven't been any similar efforts there. If they support Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit or IFTTT there may be way if even indirectly.

According to manual they support Alexa

I would call or email the manufacturer and find out what might really be available to you. That they support Alexa, may indicate that they are working on integrations with other smart platforms. If you have an Alexa device you may be able to use virtual devices in HE but it would all depend on what is available on the Mobilus side to Alexa.

Do I need for that Alexa device? I'm asking because I want to use ok Google (support Polish language)

You will need to find out from the manufacturer if they support Google Home and what else they might have available to you. If Mobilus supports Google Home you may have options to work with HE but it will depend on what support they expose to Google Home.

No, they don't support Google home... Till now I was using Raspberry + Razberry shell so I don't have any experience with Alexa or even Google home, that's way I'm asking if I have to buy alexa device or I only have to install alexa app on HE (I don't have HE, I will have it in this week - so my questions can be trivial for someone but I don't know how HE really works :-))

This 868 MHz radio - is it a z-wave radio? Because that is the EU z-wave frequency. If you're able to control with with RPi+RaZberry, then you should at least be able to get it to pair as a device with the EU version of Hubitat.

That would have been valuable information in your first post. The Razberry hat is Zwave, so you should be able to pair your shades with HE. Whether you will be able to properly control them or not is unknown. If there isn't a built in driver that works with the shades, there is likely a community driver that could be modified to support it.

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Info about RPi was only to inform that I don't know HE (yet). I don't have connected shades to RPi. This is a plan for future :slight_smile: I will ask Mobilus what they can give me...

This is not a zwave... Official but its strange that is the same frequency (in EU). I supossed that producer is using zwave (there is two way communication between remote control and motors) but don't want to use this z-wave® name.

The 868Mhz is not specific to Zwave. It is an open frequency and is and has been used by other devices. There are transceiver boards that attach to ESP8266 etc that are not Zwave. If there is an open API it may be possible to do something with them.

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I wrote to mobilus - will see what they say. Mean while I found that they are working at Google Home support.

Good luck!

so good and bad news about mobilus RF shutter motors and their COSMO GTW bridge: they are working at IFTTT compatibility. Bad (for me) I have to old motors to work with COSMO GTW so... I ordered Fibaro Roller Shutter to test (I have some doubts because my motors have built-in obstacle detection) if it wouldn't work I can order mobilus motors with built-in zwave module but it will cost me about 900$ :confused: for 7 widnows

Hi Arek.
What did you figure out for your roller shutters? I've got same motors in Poland and I'm thinking of moving my smartthings to hubitat Elevation c 7.
Thank you.