Mobile Presence


And as far as the Hubitat mobile app goes: please make it possible to connect to the hub in two different modes - admin and user mode.
What I mean with that is, the ability to lock down the app to only control things, but not configure things (deleting or adding devices etc.).
Basically I want to be able to be admin while others in the family should only be able to control what is already configured (turn lights on and off etc.).
This is one of my biggest issues with using the ST mobile app for presence, because everybody can also screw up the config.
I hope that makes sense.


This could be accomplished with a password protected “edit mode”. I think we’re on a wait-and-see what the front end looks like. That might be the answer you’re looking for instead.


From what the Hubitat team has indicated, their mobile app will not be used for configuration of the system. It will be more of a dashboard/remote control app, that also supports push notifications and geo-presence.

Ideally it would support multiple user profiles to allow custom dashboard configurations per user. This would be a nice way to restrict what a user can control. It would also help with configuring per user push notifications.


Yeah, those are acceptable option I think. I just wouldn‘t want it the way it is with ST that every mobile app in your account has full access to the setup. If it‘s only a „remote control“ app and configuration is done via the WebUI, that‘s fine with me.


looking at doing the same for a backup on my cars with a SmartThings Arrival sensor but instead of a battery pack I going to wire into the cars fuse box using a 12 volt to 3 volt adapter and a fuse tap.
The drain on the cars battery would be minimal even if you didn’t drive it for over a year. The clock or alarm system would cause more draw.

I mainly use my cel phone with life360 in Hubitat works better than in SmartThings
but in SmartThings I found my cel phone and sharp tools/tasker/autoloaction (combination) to be more precise.


there are way better options in this post below.


yes but any electical system can fail and drain your battery. That is just bad luck
I got a flat tire once to doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy another tire.
It doesn’t look like anyone tried using a SMAKN® DC/DC Converter they just mentioned them and one buck convertor had failed saw a couple Amazon reviews where the buck had failed.
using 2 x 1.5 volt batteries is really good as well will likely do this for my sons backpack.


My suggestion is get a few usb rechargeable Xbox 360 controller batteries for cheap and use those. At least you won’t be throwing them away afterwards.


that is a good idea i actually have some sitting in a drawer


Any news on mobile presence? Before I consider changing parties I want to know I can get the same drinks.....


Life360 is the currently supported mobile presence solution on Hubitat. It works very well. For me, much more reliable that ST’s mobile presence using the Class App. YMMV, of course.


Life360 is a little too intrusive for me. I can’t have my girl tracking me around town. I need something a little less, “Rich, I know you at the bar you ain’t got to lie!!!!”


I’m eager for the app as well. I’ve been using my phone to trigger my Lutron upon arrival to flip a lamp dimmer that is part of a RM rule to open my garage, then some seconds later turn the lamp dimmer off for next time. It has been working 100%. I have a Samsung presence v4 fob as an “OR” in the rule as well. My rule uses %device% to tell me which device actually triggered the arrival rule. I’m pretty sure I could use Hue and/or Apple Home to do the same thing.


This thread is Life360 centered and I’m not sure I should interrupt such an interesting conversation, but, 2 things

  • IOS + Homebridge makes a quite reliable presence. Perhaps this thread is all Android and if true I apologize for even mentioning the dark side. :smile:

  • IOS is not hamstrung by being locked for HomeKit.

I’ve been receiving Presence Notifications for at least three months now. It’s been reliable for us, so far. Actually, Homebridge has been surprisingly reliable for us.


You can use IFTTT’s geofence feature to trigger a virtual switch based on presence. I tested this for about a week and it seemed pretty reliable, and no tracking of your travel history. You could use this for your phone, and use Life360 for the family’s phones... :wink:


Cheater lol


I think that’s good info and I may fiddle with that scenario. I personally could never get comfortable with IFTTT having such broad permissions. I don’t even know who is behind or responsible for that platform.


I’m confused by HomeKit. Doesn’t it require Apple TV?

I like the extra tracking of Life360. But it’s a bit slow for disarming and unlocking.


LOL... but you are ok with Samsung/SmartThings having access to you data?

Just kidding... I know what you mean.


You can use a IPad.