Mobile Presence

I was on ST. I haven’t been on HE that long.

Tasker along with the maker api allows some pretty cool things to happen.

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Yeah I will have to check this out, I use Life360 right now but really do not like the location history. Hoping that a mobile app will be out by the end of the year.

With Locative how do you signal geofencing departure? Since departure means leaving WiFi I don’t know how I might call a URL without VPN. I’m not keen on adding VPN to every family members phone. Am I missing another option?

You use the Hubitat Maker API Cloud Endpoint, not the Local Endpoint. I would recommend using the Cloud Endpoint for both arrivals and departures, for the highest reliability. Getting connected to home WiFi before entering the geofence would be a challenge, IMHO.


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I had no idea Maker API had cloud endpoints. I will be looking into that.


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I just configured my Tasker Presence through Maker Api earlier today. So far testing seems good. I will have to evaluate for a week or 2 to see if it is more reliable and not a battery hog.
Thanks for the suggestion @ogiewon

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After ~24 hours, Locative is showing less than 1% battery usage on iOS 12 on my iPhone 7. Needs more run time to see how reliable it is. I have it set up to send a pushover notification for each arrival and departure.

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How did you set this up? I am trying to implement ios presence into HE to change modes, etc.

Install the app from the App Store.
This post might be helpful.

If you don't know how to use Maker Api then see the documentation here as well.

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I began using Locative for geofencing. It has so far been far quicker than Life360 and is working reliably.
It's a bit of a pain to setup, but seems to be well worth it. Hopefully the app remains on the App Store.

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Anyone tried these Zigbee Presence Fobs ??

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Hi, Stephan. How is this working for you?

A while back, maybe two years, @destructure00 put together a great set of Tasker profiles that were spot-on. They used Autolocation and Sharp Tools. But each iteration of Android battery management made them unreliable. I would expect that any Android location service would suffer from this problem - have you seen that?

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It worked....pretty good. The issue I'm seeing (and with most android solutions as you mentioned) is my arrival. I need this to detect my presence before I open the front door. The Life360 has been the best at terms of how early the detection occurs...but the integration with HE flakes out every so often. I'm now testing Locative and I've seen the same. I changed a few battery optimization settings and will continue to test Locative.

Interesting. I'm doing some logging where I record the times of my Tasker arrivals/departures and Life360 arrivals/departures. I have seen - at least one, maybe more - an instance of Life360 recording a presence change of which Hubitat was totally ignorant.

Yeah, that's the problem I'm seeing with the Life360 integration. When I check the logs, the is an error generated (I mentioned it in another post somewhere). So Life360 has me in the right place but something breaks with the HE/Life360 connection.

Tasker has never missed a report but it is sometimes delayed in comparison to Life360. Not a big deal for departures but an irritant for arrivals.

Um, no they don't. If you're somewhere without cell service, but are connected to wifi and your phone is locked you still get emails, imessages, etc.


Ya, they definitely do go to sleep intermittently. I'm not sure if a lack of cell service changes that calculus at all. You can test this for yourself at home by sniffing your network, otherwise it's pretty common knowledge.

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@thomasruns If you are referencing iPhones then your statement is incorrect. The biggest issues with iPhones is that they go into deep sleep mode and turn off 99% of their listening ports to conserve battery. They wake up ~every 10 minutes for full port capabilities. Only mDNS related services can wake up the phone.

Give it a try and place a RM notification to do a TTS alert for the next 24 hours. You won't get great sleep that evening as your speakers will be going off every 10 minutes.

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