Mobile App - Signs Users Out

I would appreciate it if every time the mobile app updated in the background it didn't sign the user out.
It breaks presence detection on the family's phones each time it is updated and there's no indication that they have been signed out since they don't use the app for anything else.


iPhone or Android?

Yes sorry,

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Do you mean app version update? Or some other background refresh update?

I have been finding that the app logs me out seemingly at random. I’ve been using the beta app so it gives me a notification there’s a new TestFlight version rather than auto-updating like the rest of my iPhone apps do.

I'm using the Android Beta and it does the same thing. Random logging out.

I too am on the Android beta and this only happens to me when there is an update to the app. Not every time there's an update, only occasionally. But since it updates through the play store I sometimes miss that it has been updated.

Android here with beta as well. Definitely auto logout on every update and random as well. This is the reason I still have life360 on my wife's phone. She's not on beta but same issue.

It's possible that it's random. I assumed it was happening with app updates, as is somewhat common with other apps. Maybe it's not.

I have beta on my phone. The kids and wife are not on the beta, it occurs for both.

I thought this as well so started watching it. It happens whether there is an update or not.

Wife's iphone 11 pro logs out randomly, and my note 10+ just logged me out randomly today as well, on beta android.

My Wife's iPhone 8 is also doing this. My iPhone 7 is fine however. Not sure if it has to do with how often I check the app vs. the wife.

I've been having the same issue with my iPhone 11 Pro and wife's Note 8. Happened twice on my iPhone today.


Just this morning another random log out. This is on a Pixel 3a XL running Android 10 and Hubitat Ver. 1.3.

If we're voting, count me as supporting this as well. The app should stay signed in all the time, unless explicitly signed out. We're an iPhone household, and each of us get signed out fairly regularly. My wife and kids never open the hubitat app, so they don't even realize it, I only catch it when I notice their presence not updating anymore.

I opened a ticket with Support this past weekend for this issue. As Bobby had mentioned in a post earlier today, they are working through the backlog of tickets opened over the holidays, so we should hopefully get an update by next week.