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I'm having issues with the activation of the presence detection. I have linked my wife and two kids. The hub has recognised all the mobiles as devices and I have setup a tile on a dashboard. The tile will toggle within the device settings but seems to be random when in practice. The phones indicate when they leave the geofence but does not register on the dashboard every time. I have tried Life360 which worked a lot better but uses a lot of battery power. I would like to have Hubitat as my presence app.

Have a feeling this may have something to do with the location setup as Hubitat does not recognise Australian post codes. On the setup I have had to provide a UK post code and then drag the location icon to my address in Australia. The co-ordinates shown are correct. This has led to another issue of the time being out by 30miniute when setting the Night mode.

Sorry a lot of issues here but mainly wanting to get the presence detection working properly to set the HSM.

Hi there and welcome aboard.
I dunno what you've done to restrict your hub from accepting Aus postcodes because there's a crew of us over at Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat most of whom I'm guessing will be using location.
Make sure you set up the HUB location data first before trying to get the Dashboard App working.
On the Hub, go into settings, then "Location and Modes".

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Once you get your HE location setup correctly then you'll probably want to combine a couple of sources of Presence so that they become more reliable and available via a single App such as

[RELEASE] Combined Presence.

Personally I use a combination of the HE presence + Locative (an iphone app) + iphone WiFi presence (App)

There is several other combining apps such as;
[RELEASE] Presence Plus - Creates a combined presence device, taking back control of the 'last activity' data!.

Search the forum and you should find something that will work for you. :+1:

Hi Njanda,

I have attached a screenshot of my locations page with the error



I put a 0 at the start of mine, eg (03000) and it was accepted. I think the lat/lng overrides it though - not sure the postcode actually does anything...?

PS. if that screenshot has your real lat/lng you should probably remove it :thinking:

Wow, that's odd as I just punched in my 4 digit Sydney code.
I'd be sending an email to and see if @bobbyD can resolve that one for you.
Sorry mate but yeah, until you get your location sorted properly I'd not waste much more time on "presence".

The 0 before the post code has been accepted. Still trying to understand why the Hubitat presence is not working properly, The app will update when a Geo Event is sent from the mobiles and the dashboard is updated it shows the correct state. It's as if it's not polling or refreshing properly.

What OS are you using, Apple or Android ?
How are testing the geofencing ??

If you move your pin into or out off your geofence area does it send an event ?

Hi Njanda,

There are four members in the family including myself. Three of us have Samsung S9 mobile phones and one has an iPhone 7. When they don't activate properly I get them to send a Geo Event from the Hubitat App and that will update the status of the presence tile on the dashboard. We have had it where the auto wifi connection on one of the S9's was turned off and that also stopped the tile from updating.

Yes, if I move the pin outside the geofence the tile turns red indicating No Present. I will monitor this week and see if anything improves.


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