Mobile app not loading

My mobile app works fine on my wifi at home but when I go outside it will not load. I am on a 5G network. I am traveling soon and need to connect to it.

When you say the mobile app will not load do you mean launching it gives you an error? Or you launch it and instead of displaying the dashboard it's just a blank screen? Or you can access the dashboard but not the admin page of the hub? Or something else?

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The app will open and but the connection line on the top travels 1/4 of the way and never makes the connection. It just sits there so it never makes the connection. As stated, I have 5G and I am able to connect to the web.

Hmmm is this ios or android? I'd try restarting the phone in either case. And this is just basic dashboard connectivity, not remote admin, right?

It is IOS. No this is remote. I am traveling for a while and want to be able to control the hub. I get some notifications and sometimes have to manually control the device.

Ah ok that makes a big difference. I was looking at just basic dashboard access. I just tried remote access though and it worked fine on 5G for me. Sometimes I have to kill the app and re-launch it. What happens if you open safari and go to That's basically what the app does behind the scenes. Also check to make sure your hub is still connected to the cloud and your remote admin subcription is still valid. There's probably an "official" way to check for cloud access (and there is an alert that pops up if you are not) but you can just go to the setup page and check for updates. If that works you're connected.

I also checked down detector and AWS is definitely experiencing some issues this afternoon. That may also be a factor though the support page at hubitat isn't reporting an issue.

I didn't know that a subscription was needed. When I first setup the hub it wasn't needed. Goes to show you how often I have used remote. I signed up for the Hub protect, remote and migrate. I just did a backup now to the cloud. I did see on my account that the subscriptions are active. I rebooted the Iphone and the subscriptions show on the app. I will go out tomorrow and test it.
Thanks for your help.

Maybe there was some sort of free preview at the time. As far as I can remember it's always required a subscription. But it is only needed if you want to use the app to remotely access the full UI and you don't want to use any of a number of other VPN solutions. Remotely accessing the dashboard does not require a subscription.

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One isn't needed for dashboard access. That should work fine and there is no cost. For admin access (creating rules, dealing with devices, etc) you need either a VPN or the remote admin access subscription. Most people just set up their own VPN though.

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I did buy the subscription so that I could control the devices ad for cloud backups. I think the $55 for the year is well worth it if the hub needs to be replaced.

I also have another question you might help. I have a C5 hub and thinking to get a C7. Is migration an easy process now that I have the subscription?

I agree with you on the $55 being a good deal!

I have not done a hub migration, so my knowledge is second-hand at best. Hub Protect does allow you to restore Z-Wave devices to the new hub but not ZigBee. So you still have to re-pair those to the new hub. Depending on how many you have, that can really be a pain. Of course you could always migrate your Z-Wave devices to the new hub and leave your C5 for ZigBee!

HE is really good at continuing to publish updates for legacy devices. What's making you think of second hub?

Wasn't really thinking of 2 hubs. Just thinking about if C7 is more reliable. I have a bunch of Zooz Zen25 receptacles and zooz switches and 3 zigbees receptacles. Each week I have to manually turnon/off one of the receptacles. Hub is 30 ft away and 2 repeaters inbetween and still have problems. Since going away next week I wanted to be able to control the devices especially the if the sump pump goes out.

Can you post a copy of your z-wave details page in its entirety?

Those zoom zen 25’s are a pain with the energy monitoring. They are so dusty they will over whelm your mesh. You f you don’t need it, I highly recommend disabling it. @jtp10181 zooz driver makes it easy to find that parameter (18) and disable that t.

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