Mobile App Log Out - Bug Fix/Feature Request

I have seen a number of threads over on the Mobile App section of the Community (including the one below), and it would seem there are a lot of folks that are irritated by this Mobile App behavior. The App would randomly log users out. In my case I rely on critical notifications being texted to my (Android) phone, so if the App logs out then those notifications are lost!

Since I have not seen any Staff response to those posts, let's make it official:
Please consider this a request to fix this log out bug, or alternatively consider it a feature request to stop that behavior.

Here is another thread on same topic:

Just happened to myself today.

I'm running the latest beta on the latest iOS version and it logged me out.

@bobbyd @bravenel
I have not seen any response/acknowledgement from Hubitat to this request, nor the threads referenced above, nor my email to support (case number: 15300).

This App behavior has been reported since Aug, so we can assume that you are aware of it. Please advise.