Mobile app keeps expanding Rooms

On Android with the latest version of the Hubitat app, every time I collapse a room, the app expands the room or one near it so that its devices show again.

It's like playing a game of whack-a-mole, because I can close them all down and one by one they will spring open randomly like popcorn.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I didn't see a mention of any similar topics on the forum.

Info: Running under Android 12 on Pixel 4, App version 1.6.4 build 117

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Tagging @moncho1138 to have a look.

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Just for the record, this morning I was able to get all of the rooms in the devices panel to collapse. And they stayed that way for a minute, so I felt like I won the whack-a-mole game !

However, when I reopened the app after briefly closing it, I found all of the rooms open again. I believe the expected behavior would be for them to remain closed as the user set them previously.


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By the way, in case it's not immediately clear why this issue could cause real problems (and not just a concern for those with OCD)...

Rooms are listed alphabetically, as are the devices they contain. So "B" for Bedroom comes first on mine.

First device? "B"for Bedside Table Lamp.

And what happens the moment I accidentally touch that tile and turn it on one fateful night, because it wouldn't stay hidden?

That's right, fellas. "B" for being bitchslapped by my sleeping partner, that's what.

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