Mobile app goofing up?

I was trying to remove a rule. I pushed remove and it does nothing? I can push done and it takes me out of the rule. I found this to happen on motion and mode lighting apps as well. I tried restarting my hub also from the phone and it just scrolls up same with shutting down. I can get into other things in settings fine. I have an android phone. Samsung galaxy 20

I tried this on the iPhone via the app and iPad via the browser and was able to delete an app in both instances.

Are you able to delete it if you use a web browser instead of the Hubitat App?

Yes from a web page I open on my phone works. I was able to delete my rule I wanted to. Not sure why the app isn't working for me?

I’m not familiar enough with Android… Maybe the app has an internal browser that has an issue…? Ideally, someone else on Android could try it out to see if they can reproduce.

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