Mobile App Discovery

I've installed Hubitat Mobile from Google Play Store and my Galaxy S8, running Pie can access my HE via LAN. Dashboard also works nicely on LAN. Device Discovery can't find my phone as a LAN Device. Is the mobile app a Cloud Device or a Virtual Device?
Internet access is off as this is my preferred M.O.

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I'm pretty sure it only appears as a device if you have it set as a presence sensor which would need cloud connection.
What use case do you need it as a device for?

When you login to the mobile app, it creates a virtual presence device on your hub, which represents your phone. If the phone doesn’t remain connected to the cloud, the virtual presence device doesn’t really do anything.

I don’t believe there’s any way to use the discover LAN devices function to do anything with your phone.

I’m also curious re: your intended use case.

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Thanks folks. If I'm puttering about the yard & decide to wander farther afield it would be handy to have my security system armed by HE when my phone roams out of range. In the absence of landline, coax or fiber I'm a hostage to cellular data shortcomings. I've seen mention of Maker API for presence capability. Is it also Cloud-dependent?

Maybe look at this as it uses your phones wifi connection.
It will have it's limitations if you turn your wifi off but isn't cloud dependent.

That would be my suggestion as well. It was originally created for iPhones but works with android as well. Depending on your phone’s settings for optimizing battery life, it could potentially report your phone as “away” even if you’re inside because the WiFi connection is dropped while the phone is asleep (iPhones tend to do this).