Mobile app crashes after login

I am attempting to use a Verizon Samsung S6 Edge with an ATT sim card. After installing the app and logging in it connects to the hub. When I hit the Create new device button the app crashes. Anyone have any ideas?

Try removing the app from your phone then reinstall the app.

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I deleted the app from the telephone. Also deleted the old device definition because of the change of phone. After installing the app I tap the existing hub button. The app finds the hub and shows all of the existing mobile app devices.
I tap the create new device button because the old phone was deleted from the hub and is not listed.
After tapping the create new device button the app crashed. The device is not created.
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That's an old phone by phone standards anyways. What build of android os are you running? The app was recently released and there may be some compatibility issues that support would need to look into.

It is running Android 7.0.


I have tried to install the app on 2 - different Galaxy S6 devices with no luck. Mine crashes at various stages including the creating new device and "fetching user data" steps.

Using the same Sim card as above I have successfully installed this on a Galaxy S9 but this device had no association with Verizon as the S6's did.
(Phone or Verizon/ATT Issue ???)

I know this won't resolve your issue but I just thought I'd share my data for your reference. Best of luck.

Long press on the hubitat icon from the app screen then clear the cache and storage.

I have the same problem on a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.

The app will install and let me log in the first time and it brings me to the screen that allows a new device set-up, then when new device is selected, the app crashes.

After the first attempt, the app doesn't start at all.

Help please!

I reported the problem to support. It appears that they have released a new version of the mobile app (Version 1.51) which appears to resolve the problem. I think it is a beta version which requires that you join the beta test program.


Thanks to lewis.heidrick and ron.schatten this was truly a group effort. I had tried both of their suggestions independently (clear cache, or install beta version). It wasn't until I I read the suggestions here that I did both at the same time. First I cleared cache and then installed Beta. I thought the beta install would have removed old cache before but for whatever reason, it worked this time. Best of luck to Plebel

Thanks again everyone.

Just to report that I found the beta version solved my issue.
Thanks to all involved.

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