ML not working with separate motion detector in 2.2.8

I have two ML that use GE Embrighten Motion switches and they work fine. The one that does not work has a separate switch and motion detector.

When if first stopped working I deleted the ML and recreated it. I also added an mZone with no difference.

I see this message, although I have not manually turned the switch off:

The configuration of my zone is:

So now I need to manually turn the switch on, but it still times out. I'm using a Zooz Outdoor Motion Sensor in test mode and can see it light when I walk into the room.



Look at the device events for this device (Events button at top of device page).

I suspect that your app has a bad setting. Please remove this instance, create a new one, don't use Zone Motion, just the motion sensor directly. See if it works or does the same thing. Set it up exactly as you showed above.

I deleted and recreated (again) and it still didn't work.

Then I turned on logging on every device and the app, and it started working.

Now I need to figure if it still works if I turn it off. I had already saved the preferences on the motion detector several times trying to make sure the sensitivity was set right.

I would need to see the app logs, and possible the device events depending on what the logs show.