Mix and Matching Smart Switches: Aesthetics Question

I'm planning my Zigbee and Z-Wave+ networks and one of the suggestions was to mix and match switches.
For those that have both the Zooz Dimmers and the Enbrighten Dimmers (especially if you have them in the same gang plate), do they look identical? They look like it on the pics on Amazon product page, but wanted to hear more from personal experience.
I apologize for the silly question :sweat_smile:

There are no silly questions (except for any question asked by @rlithgow1). :wink:

Just to further clarify - do you mean:

  1. Sitting next to each other in a switch box identical
  2. Used in different switchboxes in the same room identical

I have a Zen 34. Holding it next to two Enbrighten switches.

FWIW. For me close enough for criteria 2 above, and for most people I think would also work for criteria 1. Main difference is slightly smaller gap around switch. No idea if a wired Zooz switch is exactly the same as the Zen 34 remote.


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Thank you for the pic! This helps. I did mean 1, but I would be happy with 2. The actual rockers themselves look close enough to me.

Early versions of Zooz were super bright white and they stuck out when installed in the same gang box as other brands. They took that feedback and toned down the white and they mostly match GE/Jasco and dumb switches you buy in box stores. There are minor differences but they look close enough.

Here is an example from a post of mine years ago: