Missing thermostatMode() attribute values in Rule Machine 4.0

With no update to RM, you can still use this with Custom Attribute and/or Custom Action. What is it that you are wanting to do?

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I am trying to send the "dry" thermostat mode in @cybrmage 's driver but doesnt seem to be available in rule machine.

Will this be fixed in a future release of RM?


@Sebastien curious what you are using for a workaround to get DRY mode?

I just learned the IR command and am sending that using custom actions in rule machine but unfortunately the dashboard thermostat tile has no idea of the change in state doing it this way.

Well, I’ve never used Dry mode, so it hasn’t been a problem for me. If I did need, I would probably do the same as you. I would probably also create another tile that would say « Dry » when in dry mode, so that I can see the state on my dashboard(s).

I did have to have it learn the codes for moving the vanes up/down or sideways.

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Thanks, I see now when you started this thread that you were looking for "fan" mode and mentioned the missing "dry" mode in a later post.

Hopefully this will get fixed/added in the near future if its not too complicated.

If you are trying to trigger a rule from the driver sending Dry mode, then use Custom Attribute against that device, and it will offer all of the attributes the device sends. Select ThermostatMode, and then select from the values it offers.

This won't be "fixed" anytime soon in Rule Machine, as this mechanism already exists to get at any attribute/value pair for any device that is not otherwise already part of RM.

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I am trying to send the dry mode command as an action in a rule based on time of day. Not using dry as a trigger.

Then look at Run Custom Action. Select your device, and it will give you every command it supports.

Like this?

It is listed as a supported mode but not showing up in the list.

The dashboard supports the dry mode and it works great.

Yup, as long as the string you entered exactly matches the mode (spelling, capitalization etc.) that should do it.


Looks like that driver is not implemented properly if it's not giving you that choice in the pulldown.

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If you read above in this thread, back in March it was explained by the developer and you had posted that you would put it on the list to add/fix

What driver is this? I was referring to the driver, not to RM. RM does not pull "supportedThermostatModes", and it appears that the driver isn't presenting them either.

This was the post from the developer in this thread

Yes, I know.

What driver are you showing above?

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I'm going to make the changes to RM to use supportedThermostatModes and supportedThermostatFanModes. A couple of interesting points: not all thermostat drivers support these attributes, and the attributes are not intrinsic in the thermostat capability (as implemented currently). That means that a default set of modes and fan modes must exist.

There is another issue for the situation when multiple thermostats are selected that have different available modes or fan modes. For this only the intersection of the modes available will be offered (least common denominator), as otherwise one could hit a thermostat with a mode it doesn't support.



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