Missing instructions for "Shift Controller" Zwave function

Like about a kazillion other people, I have my new Hubitat device in front of me in the unopened box.

Oh, you KNOW why.

The Wink 2 hub has a 'learning' mode and a 'shift controller' mode. I have to believe that using these tools would be a LOT faster to transition all sixty (yes, 60) Zwave devices to the Hubitat.

The alternative seems quite daunting and likely to end poorly. Some of the 60 devices are old enough to be in junior high school. Who even knows how/if they get excluded/included.

So, where is the "better than the Wink document" about using the shift-controller feature present in both Hubitat and Wink?

I've never seen anyone tout their success on this forum.

Theoretically, you'd join the new Hubitat to the Wink as a secondary controller.. which copies the ZWave DB to the C-7.

Then you could use the C-7 and verify all works..

THEN you could start the Shift on Wink and include on HE, but I've never heard of anyone doing this... it seems like something to make a noise about.. :smiley:

Feel free to make a noise about your success :slight_smile:

OK, THANKS! ... this reply is very helpful to me for 2 reasons:

What on earth are people talking about, C5, C7 ? I see these references reading lots of posts, and many seem to understand, but the rest of us have NO idea what a C7 is.

I have to assume that the Hubitat box I bought is somehow code-named 'C7' and ... this is a good thing?

I can stop looking for the shift-controller process documentation because it appears to not exist.

This is stunningly amazing to me, frankly. I will be the first person to try this?

With the volume of Wink transplants coming on board, any successful implementation of this one step alone would VASTLY de-complicate the migration to Hubitat process. You'd think the Hubitat designers would have done all this and posted such instructions in bold print on the Hubitat home page!

C-7 is the model number of the latest Hubitat Hub.

I have 7 of them a C-3, two C-4's, two C-5's and two C-7's

The model number is printed on the bottom, near the MAC address.

The difference is that the C-7 uses the series 700 ZWave chip while all of the older models use the series 500 ZWave chip, and Hubitat never 'enabled' the controller centric options of the chip, such as Shift. That's the dominant reason for the lack of documentation.. it became theoretically possible ONLY because of the C-7 and the requirements of the Certification process.

Probably not, but I really hope you are the first successful AND report your success. Everyone prior either didn't report the success OR I missed seeing it. :slight_smile:


I have never heard of it being done on this forum. And I have been here since early 2019.

I have wondered about whether this would work, but there probably is a caveat there someplace.

I wonder if it will bring over all the info needed, or whether you would get some random cruft brought in? Who knows how Wink implemented anything, it could be some half-assed implementation (knowing them it is) that would be best left on the Wink and not screwing up your new Hubitat hub.

While it does sound appealing, in actual implementation I think you would be far better off to just start fresh.

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The uncertainty will always persist. If 2 weeks from now, there's some odd behavior that no one else is experiencing... what is it?? Which unique thing?? Your specific collection of devices + walls + distances? And what if it's the Shift? The problem is, there's no way to eliminate the shift without doing the very thing that the shift was done for, :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I'm certainly tempted to try :smiley: I have a C-7 and maybe I will find time to mess with it... but my work is also pretending I'm doing their stuff this weekend. :smiley:

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ok. You sound rather certain about this. I'll take your word for it.

But my Wink service is back on line now and I think they got the message about all their users jumping ship. This Hubitat thing seems tempting but I still have it in the sealed box, and I can take it to the Whole Foods and return it to Amazon, no questions asked.

Converting almost 90 devices (60 of them on Zwave) to Hubitat from Wink just seems like too much work. Without some automated way to handle it, which was designed into the ZWave system for this express purpose, the purposeful omission really makes the leap too great to consider.

LOL. Good luck with Wink!!


It's economics.

Hubitat conversion analysis:

$150 for the hub
$150 for the Lutron bridge
$75 to replace all the Lutron remotes
$120 to replace devices not supported by Hubitat
$200 allowance for ZWave devices that don't work after the conversion
that's $695, and then add:
20 hours labor at $40 an hour; $800

$1495 to convert to Hubitat

Cost to stay on Wink:
$4.95 a month

All I am betting on is that they stay in business.
If they don't, it costs me about $1500.

Yeah, people say you can just upgrade Windows to the next major version too. While you CAN ( I’ve done it.) it is so much better to do a clean installation of Windows AND your apps, then refresh your data from backups. Performing a direct Windows upgrade brings a lot of junk along for the ride. That could be true here too.

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We can count that? Sign me up!

I do it for free at my house.


Those are?

Very few of those, if any.

There is apparently some technical reason this won't work. Not because they don't want to do this. Hubitat is very open to adding features. So if it was possible, I would think they would do it.

I would be surprised to find much that can’t work with HE. Most of us have some REALLY old :poop: that is supported by generic or community drivers. They just keep chugging along.


The Kidde smoke detectors, for one, are on the 433 MHz band and there's no Hubitat radio covering there. The three of these have to be replaced, and they need to be monitored, so I'd have to find some other kind of alternative.

Lots of issues with Wink, that is to be certain. I'm not happy with them! But to wholesale-dismiss what that system brings to the table, even after the horrendous past few years, is to ignore a formidable attempt to bring automation to everyone.

I guess the list of things we've 'purposefully omitted' doing is rather large: that would have to include everything we haven't done yet. Gosh, when we started the company we had purposefully omitted doing everything that one could possibly do with a home automation hub, which we had purposefully omitted creating yet. So much yet to do!

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The Lutron Connected Bulb remotes that work spectacularly with Wink aren't supported, at all, by Hubitat. So, away they go, at a cost of $15 each. Oh, and, plus the separate hub I had to get to integrate with Hubitat.

Those won't work on any hub except Wink as far as I am aware. Proprietary :poop:

There are alternatives that can bring those into Hubitat, for not too much money. But if they are nearing 10 years old, they are due for replacement anyway.

The Ecolink Firefighter is fairly economical, it listens for other smoke and CO detectors. There is another Zwave relay thing that I can't recall now that takes the interconnect signal and you can input that into any sensor.

Bravenel, I'm certain it's hard to hear feedback like mine when you've worked so hard on the system for a long time. I get that. I'm the former tech editor of Home Automator Magazine, popular in the 90s, and have been an automation fan for decades. Some stuff is a lot of fun!

However, you also know that ZWave 'certification' comes with incorporating the learning and controller-shift functions that are an establuished feature of ZWave.

If those features aren't user-exposed in the Hubitat, it's because they were purposefully omitted. That's the basis for my statement.

@NCSteve I don’t think anyone is discounting some of the great feature that Wink brought to the home automation world. We are just more risk averse at this point in time. The juice ain’t with the squeeze.

What most of us are reacting to the the slightly high-and-mighty attitude your comments sound like. I don’t think this is what you intend. In truth, many of us would be interested in trying out a feature like controller shift. It just hasn’t been available for us. I also suspect Wink may be one of the few hubs that have had it for a while.

If you will let us, we, the community, will help ease your transition to HE. Just remember, HE is like our form of government, it isn’t perfect, but it is so much better for us that the alternatives.

Welcome to the community Steve. Just ease up about the greatness of something you have started moving away from, and we will lighten up on the grief we give you. Deal?

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I think you miss my meaning: I'm laughing at your comments. Your feedback is funny, and displays a certain attitude about our product and intentions that is, shall I say, less than well informed. Based on your analysis, you should rush down to Whole Foods!