Missing from dropdown

In the screen shot below, of a wait for event at a certain time, it says I can select a specific time, sunset/sunrise or a variable time but the drop down does not contain an option for a variable time,

I think I might have seen something about this but I couldn't find it again, so sorry if it was already brought up.

Might be the same underlying cause as this:

If so:

Sorry I thought I had read something to that effect but I searched and could not find it again.

I saw the update late last night, but I had not had a chance to update my hubs yet. I am still on

Fix for this has been released: Release 2.3.3 Available - #8 by bravenel

Should have waited I updated about 2 hours ago to .127. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So? It only takes a few minutes.

I have 4 hubs to update and I need to do it when it doesn't cause a WAF issue. SO...I wish I had waited.


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