Missing events from hubitat logs

I noticed that my porch light came on at about 3:30am this morning, but I can't find any logging of it in hubitat. The only thing that I can think of that could have turned it on was my HSM intrusion-night rules.

These are the last 2 events logged in the device event log:
|switch|off||Porch Light was turned off|DEVICE||2019-09-21 01:29:29.500 AM
|switch|on||Porch Light was turned on|DEVICE||2019-09-20 08:40:37.333 PM

But the light came on (and I shut it off) in between those two events, Neither event appears to have been logged by hubitat. I do send some events to MQTT and can see the light come on and of there, so I'm a bit troubled by how and why these events are missing from the hubitat event log:

2019-09-21T03:34:33.788Z - info: Incoming message from MQTT: hubitat/Porch Light/switch = on
2019-09-21T03:40:14.934Z - info: Incoming message from MQTT: hubitat/Porch Light/switch = off

I suspect that HSM turned the light on based on one of my conditions, but I can't find any logging anywhere to support this, which leads to a number of questions:

Is hubitat dropping event logs?
Does HSM log its events at all?
Does any kind of visual indicator in the interface to show that an HSM alarm event fired?

Is there a provision in HSM to "reset" after a period of time? That is, if I have a rule that tells hsm to turn on a light on motion when armed, can I have the light turn off again after n minutes?

Anybody have any luck sending an HSM alert to an echoSpeaks device? Does it just work as a speach device?

Is there an easy way to trigger an HSM rule for the purpose of testing alerts? It would be nice if there was a button in the interface to verify the alerting.

It is entirely possible that it turned on from some other cause. I have a Z-Wave dimmer that does this from time to time. It is definitely not Hubitat that turns it on. I searched and searched, and finally concluded that it must be a defective dimmer. It could be that it is firing from a Z-Wave command not addressed to it, or that it is defective is some other way. There really is no way to tell.

Having said that, sometimes users find that they had an older control system of some sort still alive, and it was responsible for turning things on or off. If you don't see an event on the device event log, the driver did not cause the event.

HSM does log its events, and so do all drivers. Log events are not dropped.

Not directly, but it would be easy to setup a rule that does this, triggered by an HSM event.

You can send HSM alerts to any speech device.

One way to do this would be to add a virtual sensor to HSM, and then just hit its device page to force an alert.