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Hey all I had a question, so I have an old Smarthgins smart outlet. I paired it to HE and noticed that I could not find that same device that I used in the past for this outlet. I know that smarthings has not shifted all the production of device to Aeotec, but was wondering if I am missing anything on this device option.


This is the one I have - https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-SmartThings-Outlet-GP-U999SJVLDAA-Smart/dp/B07F96JB63

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My (older) SmartThings outlets just use the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver and work just fine.


I have this exact device using the Generic Zigbee Outlet driver that @Eric.C.Miller suggested.


I need some more of those myself, I'm a fan of those.

I'm also having an issue with Hubitat Identifying SmartThings v4 motion sensors as moisture sensors no matter how I try to add them.

They used to add perfectly. I can of course go in and change the name of it and the driver but for some reason at the upper rigjt it still says it is detecting moisture LOL as well as motion. Never used to do that before that's for sure I have a lot of these. Seems they're dropping the ball on the old smart thing stuff.

@JDWx From another thread from tonight.


Are these the exact units that paired correctly before or different units of the same make and model? Different batches may have different "fingerprints" and so the Hubitat team would need to see the new "fingerprint" data to add them so that, in the future, the correct driver will be selected. If it is actually the same unit and it was correctly recognized by Hubitat when previously joined but now selects the wrong driver - that would seem to be a different problem. It probably would still be helpful to capture the "fingerprint" data for the Hubitat team.

Thank you.

Just tried using the "device" driver, I can't figure out how to delete/edit the wet/dry attribute out.

I'm sure I'm missing something. Any thoughts?

Well, they're all Motionv5 I have a lot of them. and I've always paired them with a search. I suppose they may potentially be from different batches. Same model though. But, I have a few new ones and some paired right, and some time later i went to use a couple, and every one now gets paired as a moisture sensor. and some have been laying around in the box a long time now.

The two devices drivers are next to each other in the drop down list for choosing drivers, so it may just have been bumped over?

Not sure how to get finger print data. I'm not seeing an obvious way to obtain that Any hints? I don't want to bother you, but there is a potential you might have to explain it like I'm 5 years, lol Thanks!!

You should be able to hit "delete all states" and/or "delete current states", switch back to the desired driver, (save) and then configure.

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Thank you! Done.

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