Missing Built-In App: Motion and Mode

I may have missed similar posts, but have been digging. My Motion and Mode (?) app is entirely gone from both my installed apps and if I go to try to re-install it from the “+Built-In App” button, it isn’t there either. What am I missing?

The Motion and mode lighting apps was retired. They recommended updating all your current motion and mode to the new room lighting app.

If you had the app installed it should not have removed it and should still be there, but you can't install it as it doesn't exist in the latest release.

See release notes on 2.3.3

This is correct. Although if a user removes all instances of motion or mode lighting that were already installed on the hub, it's no longer possible to reinstall.

That's the only way I can think of that the apps could "disappear" for someone that used to use them while running a prior version of the hub firmware. They don't just disappear when upgrading, as @terminal3 said.

I have been revisiting Motion/Mode and may have inadvertently removed the last setup I had saved and removed the app entirely. I didn’t realize that was a thing. I’ll have to give the room lighting a shot. Thank you!

For use cases that don't involve multiple devices in one room, you may want to consider Basic Rules app as well. We've received feedback from users who had been using Hubitat Elevation for a while, that they were unaware of the Basic Rules app and they've been pleasantly surprised by its powerful automation capabilities:


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You may not find it to be necessary, but if you have a backup from before you deleted the last instance of motion and/or mode lighting, that would be a way to get them back.

Depending on what else you've done on the hub since that backup (if you have one), it may not be worth the trouble.

The hub does an automated daily backup and stores five at a time, see the relevant documentation page if you're unfamiliar with how that works.

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