Missed sunset event


I had two more rules that missed sunset today (and a couple others that didn't). There's a time event logged but the rules didn't change state correctly. Had to go in and hit Done.

RM date-driven rules did not change state

I had the same issue today and also yesterday.
Some lights I have a rule for to come on at sunset -30 did not come on. When I looked, the rule said False until I opened it and then it said True. Hitting Done turned the lights on.


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I had a similar issue this weekend. I asked support to take a gander at my hub.They said there were a bunch of errors popping. I then removed a bunch of apps I wasn't using. Native or not. Support said that my hub calmed down and looked good. Although I didn't pinpoint the real issue, my stuff started working reliably again. So maybe retrace your steps and see if you made any recent changes that could have affected it? Might be a place to start until you get word from staff?


To begin troubleshooting, have you verified that the sun did, indeed, set today?


Please look at the app status page for this rule, at the Scheduled Jobs. See if the time scheduled for sunset-30 looks right or not. In particular, see that it is in the form of HH:MM:00 -- that is, scheduled to run right on the minute. What I'm looking for is the potential of a bug that would make it be scheduled at HH:MM:59. Were it scheduled at :59, that would explain the failure. I haven't seen this yet, and have no direct reason to believe this is happening. However, if it did happen, the rule would fail as it would test the time window 1 second early, before the time it's supposed to happen. These jobs are scheduled at midnight, or when you hit Done in the rule.

Did this rule work before and then fail? If so, this is a nasty little bug that's very hard to catch!


This might be completely unrelated and if so, I apologize but you mentioned in another post moving periodic triggers to execute at 00 instead of 11 seconds into the minute. This wouldn't have anything to do with that, would it? Just thought I'd mention it, just in case it was relevant.


No, it wouldn't. It is always possible that the hub gets busy at certain times for a variety of reasons, and that a scheduled event might be "late" as a result, as in possibly hundreds of milliseconds late. But, whatever the issue with these sunrise/sunset with offset problems is, it isn't from being late.

The strangest thing is that these issues are intermittent. The app works one day, and not the next. That really is puzzling. Sometimes, in other circumstances, a race condition could impact a rule. But these are very simple rules where that is clearly not a possible explanation.


No, I didn't mean that it was late now....I meant that you fixed it from being late and what used to run early and be fine, because it was happening at 8 or 9 seconds after now doesn't work because it's happening at 58 or 59 seconds after. Are you following me? It was early before but it was Okay because the minute still matched what it was expecting. But now that it's early it's happening in the previous minute.


Nope. Are you saying that the periodic scheduled for :11 were happening early? I was not aware of that, nor do I think that was happening.


No, that's not what I'm saying either. It doesn't matter.


It looks right to me. It was working fine but started not working a couple days ago. It also didn't work again tonight. Rule still said False until I opened it. Also, I failed to add to my first post that they do turn off in the morning at Sunrise +30. It's the Sunset part that stopped working.

Below you can see that they turn off properly. Yesterday it shows the time but then doesn't say Night Time Lights is now True until I went in and hit Done a little over 3 hours later. At the top for tonight it again shows the time but doesn't say the rule is True. This is prior to me hitting done tonight.


@eric4, I looked outside first and yes, the sun had indeed set!


Go into your System Events, then scroll through your Location Events until you find an entry like this from yesterday. Post a screenshot.



So you are seeing the same thing I am. Sunset happened today at 5:31 your time. Sunset minus 30 should have been 5:01, but your rule executed 1 minute early at 5:00, so it was still False when the rule was evaluated. If it had evaluated at 5:01 instead, it would have evaluated True, changed state, and run your actions.


I see that now.....didn't catch that 1 minute difference.


Same thing happening to me. I have two rules with identical conditions (Time between Sunrise - 15 and Sunset - 15) and different actions. Interestingly, one worked correctly tonight and one didn't, so @bravenel and I were able to see the differences side by side for comparison. He's digging in to find out what's going on...


Is the other side working for you? Mine is working correctly at my Sunrise +30 and is only having issues (so far) on the Sunset -30 side of it.


I think @bravenel has it nailed...will let him explain...