Mirror: Track dimmer levels as they change?

I have a Homeseer HS WD200+ Dimmer installed in a wall. It's not wired to anything, and is there only to track physical events.

I have a Zooz RGBW dimmer module driving a bunch of RGBWW LED strips installed in some shelves across the room.

I want to mirror the dimmer levels on the HS dimmer switch to the Zooz driver module.
Currently, I use the Mirror app and it's able to mirror the switch ON/OFF and level when it finishes the transition, but I would like to get the Zooz to track the changes AS they transition up and down.

Is that possible?

Dunno if this is quite the solution you're looking for (I'm sure there's better than my suggestion), but I have a zwave dimmer for my main front room lights. When the level dips to a certain level, I have my 'mood lights' switch on. When lighting level increases past a level, mood lights turn off again.

I wanted to avoid multiple flicking on/off just because the lights were say, switching on initially, detecting low dimmer level, flicking the mood lights on, but then turning them off again split seconds later when the main room lights reached their usual bright level. So I incorporated a delay too. All in webcore.

Basic code:

if {lights} level stays unchanged for 5 seconds


only when {lights} switch is on
set variable {@walllightlevel} = {lights} level

wait 2 seconds

if {@walllightlevel} is greater than or equal to 48
then {moodlights} SWITCH OFF

if {@walllightlevel} is inside of range 1 & 47


only when {lights} switch is on
then {moodlights} SWITCH ON

IF {lights} switch changed to OFF

That's a totally messy reproduction - but my actual piston has stuff to do with xmas lights etc.

This approach works 100% of the time.

I believe the answer is "Yes",

The HomeSeer HS WD200 supports direct associations from the WD200 to another Z-Wave device. Group #2 is the "Companion Sync" group. You need to put the Z-Wave node ID of your RGBW device into this group. I am not sure if the WD200 driver let's you directly set the association group information, but I think there are some tools out there that do. If you can't find one, let me know (I am pretty sure I have one on my system, but I'm at work so I can't check).

One thing to know - when your RGBW device is controlled by the association group, I'm not sure if it reports the change to Hubitat - you'll need to check on that -- I think that is often device-implementation-dependent. If it doesn't it will get out of sync with Hubitat. The solution would be to look for any change to the controller device (the WD200) and then poll or refresh the RGBW controller if the WD200 changes.

For more info. on the association group stuff, see OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database