Mirror me app RGBW

im tring to understand why not all commands are forwarded

colorMode, color, RGB, colorName are all processed events by the driver as a result of the commands that are forwarded..

Problem I'm having is the virtual controller isn't sending commands if it thinks it's has the same settings.
ML app sets virtual device to 5000k CT,
Manually set virtual device to a colour
Lights turn off
When the ML app runs again on motion it only turns the lights on (at the last rgb colour) not the CT which it's set up to do.

Can you post a screenshot ?

But the lights only come on in their last state which was rgb, its like the mirror app filters everything but the on off

Right.. sorry.. I meant the ML settings for the screenshot

Did you get chance is it mirror app or the virtual rgbw driver?

you could try this app. this is the one i use.

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Thanks for that but didn't work, it's must be something to do with the virtual driver

Your app works fine if I just link the 2 without the virtual device, just has a popcorn effect

mirror me sends any and all commands (exceptions as noted in the app) that are received by the virtual device, it does not check any existing states prior to sending.
you can verify mirror me, the virtual device and your target devices are operating as expected by commanding the virtual device directly.

Yea the problem must be with the virtual driver, not detecting switch between rgb and ct so there is no state change

which virtual driver, the one created by mirror me?

i use it with my hue devices and they all come on at once.. if you are getting popcorn maybe you have mesh issues.

It's only because I'm not using a virtual device as the initiator

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