Any feedback on their stuff? Price is really good but I haven't seen anything about them on here.

I have some of their outlets. I haven't had any problems with them. Paired easily. Very solid.

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Minoston =Eva Logik. Both made by the same company. Minoston Will by default use the Eva Logik built in drivers.


I have a bunch of their plug-in outlets now:
1 Indoor Dimmer Plug (MP21ZD)
5 Indoor On/Off Plugs (MP21ZP)
11 Outdoor On/Off Plugs (MP22Z)

So far I have had a very good experience with them all responding and working well. Speedy to react and usually available for very reasonable prices. Plus they are small (even the outdoor modules) which usually comes in handy. If I had any cons with the outdoor ones (since I obviously have the most experience with those) is that some devices cannot plug in as readily due to the housing... so I just add a 1 ft (0.3m) extension cable first.

They can use the built-in EVA LOGIK (they are identified as NIE Technology Co., Ltd devices, which corresponds to EVA LOGIK) drivers readily although there are more specific ones starting to be integrated. One driver-side problem I have run into is that the MP22Z are always identified as a dual outlet device (I forget which, Zooz maybe?) at first and get child devices as a result. This is easily fixed by switching them to the generic Device driver, deleting all children, then switching them to the EVA LOGIK driver... but it is a couple extra steps.

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Ohh I'll have to look into this. I have I think 2 actual Minoston devices an MP21z, MP22z, as well as an Eva Logik ZW36 outlet. Is there any noticeable difference in the newer more specific drivers? Are the community drivers? or system?

My MP22Z is a single outlet, I didn't get any child devices.

Huh. I added 8 more of the MP22Z (single outdoor on/off plugs) with a C7 hub on Every one was mis-identified as the dual-outlet (whatever it was) and it was a built-in driver (not one of my custom ones, that hub does not have many of those besides my Unifi drivers).

The only significant difference I noticed was that temperature is now reported for the MP21ZD.

As of 2.3.0.x Hubitat started including built-in drivers. They have 9 listed for Minoston (unfortunately the MP22Z is not one of them):
MP21ZD - Mini Smart Dimmer Plug
MP22ZD - Outdoor Dimmer Plug
Minoston Multisensor
MP20Z - 2 Channel Plug
MP21Z - Mini Plug-in Outlet
MP21ZP - Mini Power Meter Plug
MS10Z - In-Wall Smart Switch
MS10ZS - Smart Switch
MS11ZS - Smart Dimmer Switch

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did you end up finding a driver for the MP21Z at all?

I believe there is a built in driver? Did you try pairing the device?

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It pairs fine, not issues there I ended up using the EVA Login driver, there isn't a device driver for the MP21Z itself.

What platform version are you running? As of platform 2.3.0, there are built-in drivers for both the MP21ZP and the MP21ZD, as indicated by @neonturbo.

  • Minoston Mini Power Meter Plug (MP21ZP)
  • Ministon Mini Smart Plug Dimmer (MP21ZD)

Here's a screen shot from the built-in driver list:

The MP21Z is supported by the generic z-wave plus outlet driver.


Right, I think @robert2 was referring to the fact that there is not one JUST for the MP21Z, since the MP21ZP that is in the list is the one with power metering.

However, as someone who has a BUNCH of the MP21Z devices... I find they work just fine with the MP21ZP driver. Just you will not get a power reading.


Correct, I didn't see one specifically for the MP21Z, but if the other one works, I will use it.


@robert2, yup, the MP21ZP driver will work. As should the generic Z-Wave one. Since it is just an on/off outlet there is not much going on for these. But they are small, reasonable priced, and work.

I tried them out after trying the outdoor version MP22Z. I now have a LOT of those (I think a dozen) for Halloween and Christmas decorations.

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Sorry to resurrect this a bit...but I have some of the Minoston Mini Dimmers as well. Great price, 700 series ZWave, compact size, native Hubitat support...

...buuuuuuuut, the built in driver actually includes the (honestly ridiculous) temperature sensor feature it has....so when you expose those devices to Alexa via the Hubitat Alexa skill they show up as temperature sensors. You can’t control them in the app and since they aren’t lights you can’t group them with the other lights in the room. Kind of annoying. Thankfully they do control properly with voice, but not having them included in the overall “turn off the lights” is annoying. They’re a dimmer so it basically has to be a light.

A workaround might be to create a virtual dimmer and then use HE's mirrorsync app that can sync values between devices. Then only expose the virtual dimmer to Alexa..

This might also be overkill depending on your level of annoyance with the existing setup.

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Interesting. I just added one of these dimmers yesterday. Despite setting the temperature to 10 minute intervals, it has not yet reported in 14+ hours.

Not a big deal, as that is not a function of importance to me. However, it makes me wonder if anything else is wonky. It responds to dimmer commands as expected.

From what I've read here the Evalogik Z-Wave plug drivers seem to work well w/these devices, and I don't think they include the temperature capability. You might try that driver.



Thanks. Works perfect for me.


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