Minoston z-wave smart plug 2 channel

I have included this 2 channel smart plug into Hubitat Hub. It come in as device. I then go into the device and try changing its type the only 2 channel I can find is the zooz dual plug. I give it a name like z-wave dual plug and then you can name each of the channels. When clicking on the parent z-wave dual plug, clicking on and off changes the switch but it only operates the left side.

Clicking into each the left side or the right side and clicking on on or off clicks the plug on and off but does not change the switch status. You have to press refresh for that to update.

When adding the device to the dashboard as the device name and type outlet, clicking on it just stays on SENDING. I think it's probably because it doesn't get updated.

Anyone have any ideas about getting this 2 channel smart plug included properly? Any help would be appriciated. Thanks.

I just got one of these devices in ... Havenโ€™t had a chance to power it up yet.. But if driver updates need to happen.. Weโ€™ll get it soon

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