[Minor Request] Device Logs Link Opens in New Tab

As per title, minor thing, but it would be nice if (the very useful addition of) the Logs link on the Device Edit page opened in a new tab.


I'm going to piggyback off this request for "new tabs".

Currently, if you ctrl-click on certain things, it does not open in a new tab. This is really frustrating when using a laptop without an external mouse.

Example: Go to devices. Ctrl-click on a device. It loads in the same tab. I know you can right click and choose open in new tab, but the ctrl-click is faster and is ingrained in my memory. I forget every single time that it's going to load in the same tab.


Is that something can be set per site? Not saying I doubt it, just seems odd if you could use that on other sites and not when using the HE web UI....

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I can ctrl-click on some stuff in the UI and it opens in new tabs but not others. For example, ctrl-clicking on any of the menu options on the left will open them in a new tab. I can go to apps and ctrl-click an app and it opens in a new tab.

I'm not sure what all doesn't work because I haven't really kept track. The only thing I know for sure that doesn't work is ctrl-click on a device in the device page.

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That is odd, I see what you mean. The device listing is a html href, but does contain a div, not sure if that makes a difference.... Guess we don't need to care :slight_smile: We just ask for the feature....


Can we second our own requests..... I almost created another topic... then found this gem.... :slight_smile: I even tried to use the same "minor request" phrase.... that's gotta count for something.... surely karma is a factor in the prioritisation process for requests... this want meant to be.... :slight_smile:

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