Minor interface problem with tiles - remove color

I accidentally set the fan icon color rather than the intended background. When clicking the 'Remove' shown in the image below, the value is not removed although it appears it is until you move to another state and then back. I corrected it by setting the fan 'On' value in the layout to:

"iconColor": "",

Still, if the option to remove is there it should work.

Are you clicking "Save", once you've removed it? Sadly, I've mad that mistake more than once.


Tried that. The save is not an option.

Wow, I'm losing it. I thought I had changed that as I tried that as well and it didn't work but I got it to work with the "Remove This State". I'm with you though, what is it's purpose if it doesn't remove anything. Plus I'm guessing remove this state removes any changes.

I may be wrong, but I thought 'remove this state' will remove items in the fan like: low, medium, high, off, etc.

I far more confident about your thoughts then I am about mine.:wink:

Running into confusion on this as well.

Was trying to get back to the full set of default colors for motion sensor and while remove seems to empty the color boxes as if defaults would be engaged, the SAVE button seems to be ignored?