Minor (cosmetic?) improvements for RM

  1. For the RM rules readability it will be nice to have a
    different text color for the "Comments".
    Fixed (Green?) color is fine but custom selected color is preferable.

  2. For the RM editing convenience when dealing with Variables it will
    be nice do display first Local Variables followed by Global Variables
    (or vice versa). Also different colors (fixed colors are OK) for Local
    and Global variables is preferable.

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This has already been announced for the next release:

Global variables are a Rule Machine Legacy feature, including Rule versions 4.x and older, and that version of Rule Machine is unlikely to receive any more changes (except maybe bug fixes if platform updates break something).

If you are talking about hub variables, they are no longer a Rule Machine feature per se, though they do enjoy easily-available use in Rule Machine. Their values are shown in Settings > Hub Variables. The table there will show you the values. Are you asking for the same to be shown inside every Rule? (I suppose that's feature request that could be made, but you can also see the value of a variable that is actually used in any rule by enabling the "Show current values" setting for that rule. I personally would not want to see more stuff in the UI, especially all global variables given that most, or any at all, may not be used in a particular rule -- as distinguished from local variables where the only reason you would have created one is to use it in that rule.)

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Thank you for the info/update.

Oh yes, I am talking about Hub Variables and Local Variables for rules.
I am thinking about separating Hub Variables and Local Variables while editing rules.
Right now if I want to set or use Variable in a rule all available variables
are shown sorted by names. My preference is to show first Local Variables
followed by Hub Variables (or less desirable, vice versa).
Basically to show the same set of all available variables but grouped by
Local and Hub variables.

I 100+% agree with this statement.
I think all Hub Variables are always available to all rules and Local Variables are only
belongs to a specific rule. So Hub Variables always will be visible by all rules.

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