Minisplits with standard thermostat

Just a random thought I had..

Do any mini splits on the market that can use a standard thermostat with C, Rh, RC, etc wires?

Some of them have adapter accessories that can allow for thermostat control. My Fujitsu mini-splits do, I’m sure there are other brands that do as well.

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I'm guessing none of the cheap ones probably do..

Every time, about this time of year I toy with the idea of putting on in my deatched garage. But I don't think I'd want something I couldn't automate.

you can run them off of a Remotec Z-Wave-to-AC IR Extender ZXT600, then mirror that off of a conventional automation thermostat.


I found the part # for the adapter I needed on the mini-split manufacturer’s website and tracked it down that way.

This may be the only viable alternative, but IMO is less preferable because you’re relying on an IR signal, and can’t get any feedback/confirmation about the a/c mode/temp etc. changing.

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