Minimum Plant Lights On

Starting seeds indoor and keeping the plants "cycle" to the sunrise and sunset along with minimum on rules are escaping me with rule machine.

On my Stargate I used to be able to calculate the number of minutes of daylight and if it was less that 9 hours then I would run the lights for 9 hours. If the number of minutes of daylight exceeded 9 hours I would shut the lights down at sunset.

Looking for a way in Rule Machine to calculate the minutes of daylight so I can build off conditions for the plant lights.

Any ideas?

Do you have anything else in your setup that is triggered by sunset and can be used to test against? For instance, I have a mode change at sunset which I could use after nine hours to see if sunset had already occurred. If it hasn't then I could wait until it does. Doing something like this avoids having to bring in another external API or/and doing crazy variable math that I have never been comfortable with.
Just an idea.

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Oh that is a great idea...the delay is the 9 hour timer and if it's not sunset yet leave the lights on. Doh! I have a very good time of daylight rules:

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Dry run of plant lights worked, here are my rules. I also added a safety rule to my "Sleep" mode being set. If the plant lights are still on when sleep triggers I turn them off. This comes in handy when I turn the lights on manually outside of the rule:

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