MIMOLite with Fireplace

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to automate my fireplace. It has a simple switch that turns it on/off and the idea was to simply add z-wave to the switch. I followed a guide online that was pretty straight forward. Instead of the Remotec (out of stock) I got the MIMOLite. I was able to connect everything up, connect it to my hubitat, and behold! Fire!

My question however is getting the switch and the z-wave to work together. The desired end result is that I can use my dashboard to turn it on/off, but if I can't get my phone or forget to ask she who shall not be named, if I flip the switch, it will toggle the relay state.

When I have the Relay Control on "Manual", I can control it only through z-wave. The switch will still toggle on/off, but doesn't actually do anything.

The only other setting for Relay Control is "sig1 direct" which seems to remove all control through z-wave, but the switch is now in full control.

Can anyone recommend a custom driver or work around to gain this desired affect?

Thanks in advance,

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Just checking in if anyone might have a solution or a direction for me to research more in to this?

Hey I have the same use case here- I am wondering if you've made any progress on this? The user guide mentions "The MIMOlite can be configured to automatically turn the relay on when the input is triggered or a Z-Wave command can also turn the relay on. The Configuration Command Class, Parameter 3, is used to set the input-to-relay mapping (See Technical Appendix). When input-to-relay mapping is enabled, Z-Wave commands to set the relay are overridden. The default for the relay is no input-to-relay mapping."

I'm not sure how to configure the parameters mentions in the Technical Appendix to accomplish the input to relay mapping.

As a workaround here I've created basic rules in the Hubitat app such that when the MIMOlite contact is closed, this triggers the MIMOlite switch to turn on and vice versa.

Unfortunately not, I was assuming there was something on the software side that would configure it. I'm not familiar enough with programming rules on the app to build the work around. If you've managed to do it, that's at least good news that there is a work around.