Mimo 2+

Hi Hubitat Community - I am a transfer from the world of Smartthings and so far I have had few problems and I am very much enjoying the improved stability and responsiveness of Hubitat.

I have encountered one issue that after a few days of reading posts here and trying a few things I am no closer to solving.

I have a Fortrezz MIMI 2plus that controls a spa heater using the relay 1. After I transferred from Smartthings to Hubitat I found I was able to consistently turn the heater on and off using the child device driver. However, the driver always reported that the relay was open and switch off. Therefore none of the automation rules I set up work (well except any that turn the heater on).

I have tried excluding and including the device, I can find nothing in the logs and I have tried several different configurations. I am sure I have missed something obvious but what it is I can't figure out. Has anyone had the same issue?