Migration tool / Backup and restore

I have searched but couldnt find a definitive answer. Can you migrate or restore a backup from a C-5 to a C-7 or do you have to start over with pairing and rules?

@spartanrob have you tried downloading and restoring the backup from the Hubitat’s web ui?

Hubitat has indicated a migration service called "Hub Protection Services" will shortly be available for this purpose. It will migrate devices paired to the zwave/zigbee radios and the hub's database (so apps, rules etc.).


i have not

@Abhijeet_Ghosh @spartanrob

While that will populate a device list on the new Hubitat C-7, those devices will not be paired to the C-7's radio.

I would recommend waiting for the new Hub Protection Service to become available. Expected any day now.


See also this excellent post.

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