Migration to C-8 is not ready for prime time!

Not ready for prime time!!

HE, are you listening?  I am trying to migrate from C-7 to C-8, but HE is not cooperating. I get as far as registering my C-8, but migration bombs out with the error message "Incorrect username or password". Of course I know what my account Username and Password are. I tried with two different Browsers, but no joy. I even tried creating a new password for my account.

I can guess what's wrong.  My registered email address is Bill@Kraengel.com (case sensitive) and that's the way I've been using it for years. When I try to migrate to C-8, something butts in (Cloudflare?) and changes my email to all lower case and then tries to feed that to HE. Of course HE rejects it because it has no account for bill@kraengel.com. Not a good way to make a seamless migration. I would probably have the same problem if I used Cloud Backups.

What am I supposed to do now, create a new account and start over? I tried creating a local backup with C-7 and restoring to C-8 and everything seems to be running normallly. So why do I have to use a cloud backup? What am I missing by not using the Cloud. I did not have any of the problems with my account HE says I'll have if I don't use the Cloud.

Wow!! That looks terrible. Is that the best C-8 does? I pasted it from Notepad.

Is this satire or trolling??

My first read made me think satire, but then I realized I had just read the news story about "US has plan to destroy Taiwan," that got retweeted by a taiwan politician, not realizing the story was satire. So I have satire on my mind.

A quick Google search yields:

the part before the "@" could be case-sensitive, since it is entirely under the control of the host system. In practice though, no widely used mail systems distinguish different addresses based on case.


You should be able to continue the migration (I was) and then register using the subscribe button on the main menu.

Fixed your text.

Without the cloud backup the zwave and zigbee backend radio info wont copy over, so while you may have all the device entries still the devices wont be able to to talk to the hub. If you are not using zwave or zigbee then actually a local backup would work perfectly fine.

Try registering the hub now that you set it up, make sure it is connected and DNS is working. Once you get it registered you can do the cloud migration if you need it for the zwave and zigbee info. If you old hub was still running you may want to also do a new backup before trying to cloud restore on the new hub.

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Your post did end up looking strange, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the C8, which is the most recent hardware revision of the Hubitat Elevation hub.

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In your case, the

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