Migration question

So I migrated a C7 Hub to a new C7 Hub that I did the Z-wave external antenna modification to.
So far so good but my question is regarding to old hub. The Z-wave radio is disabled in settings but what kind of reset should I do to basically turn it back into a dev hub. It looks like all the devices are still there just disabled.

I don't want to lose registration and the soft reset seems to imply I keep Z-wave pairing.

I would do a soft reset, which will indeed keep Z-Wave pairing, but then also do a Z-Wave reset (which will erase those, though I suppose if you leave it disabled, it doesn't really matter either way). If you had Zigbee devices, you may wish to consider doing the same. As you know, the soft reset can be done with the Diagnostic Tool. Resetting the radios can be done under Settings > Z-Wave Details and Settings > Zigbee Details.

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I was thinking about that but wanted to make sure before I messed things up.

The Z-wave reset on the old hub will not then affect then anything between the new hub and the z-wave devices?

No, as far as I know (there may be more nuances...), it just deletes the devices from the radio's database and assigns the Z-Wave radio a new "Home ID" (you don't see this in normal use, but it's what Z-Wave nodes use to identify what network they belong to)--basically making you good-to-go to start a new network on that hub if you wanted to, or at least making you not have to worry about it in the future if you do.

Thanks - Looks good so far.