Migration Question

I have an older C4 and a new C7. I understand that I need to subscribe to Protect in order to migrate the C4 settings to the C7. My question is I would still have the subscription for the C4 and would need to add the protect subscription for the C7 if I wanted it protected. The protect subscription is not transferrable from one hub to the other?


You don't need Hub Protect to migrate "settings." Those will come along with a hub database backup, which you can backup and restore yourself. To be clear, this includes literal hub settings like location and modes, plus your installed apps and the device list but not the pairings per se. What you need Hub Protect for, besides the ongoing warranty, is the transfer of Z-Wave pairings from one hub to another. (Zigbee won't directly transfer either way, but it's not too hard--the devices will be recognized as the same devices if you just re-pair them after restoring the backup to the different hub.)

However, that won't help you with a C-4 to C-7 unless your external Z-Wave adapter (the C-4 has no built-in radios, so for Z-Wave, you'd be using something) happens to be the ZWaveMe one, which is the only adapter supported for migration (besides the built-in radios on the C-5 or C-7).

But...to directly answer the other part of your question, you can migrate a Hub Protect backup to any hub. However, the subscription itself (so your extended warranty and cloud backups) will only apply to the original hub unless you subscribe the other hub.


Very clear explanation for people. Bookmarking this for future replies.

Thanks for the explanation. I think I have it with one exception. I have an Arduino connected with several sensors and contacts. Will that switch over as long as I change the IP of the new hub to the old hub IP?

That sounds right, but I haven't used those to say for sure. On the hub side, all that should matter fo these is that the DNI for the device match the expected format (probably the MAC in hex with no separators). Switching hubs won't change that and it will be carried over as part of the backup, so as long as it's pointed to the right hub, it should start getting the data just fine.

That is good news, I don't want to have to repoint those devices. Thanks again Robert