Migration from ST, Two of Six LIFX Bulbs Discovered

Migrating from ST to HE. Got all of my ST devices migrated with no problem. I installed the LIFX Master app. I ran discover devices with it and it found two of my six LIFX bulbs. I can't figure out why the other four aren't being discovered. Do I have to reset the bulbs or something and then run discover again?

Update: The two bulbs that were discovered were LIFX A19s. The other four that were not discovered are LIFX Color 1000s. Am I possibly missing a driver for the Color 1000s?

I've never used the Lifx app before, but I intend to and was just reading the documentation. Have you looked at the troubleshooting section?


Undiscovered devices

If you find that some devices aren't discovered

  • try the Discover new only new devices button
  • make sure that the missing devices still have power - someone may have turned off a switch :slight_smile:
  • try altering some of the options as described below.

With recent improvements I've found that the default settings should be more than enough to discover all your devices in two passes, but your mileage may vary.

My first recommendation would be increasing the value of Time between commands (milliseconds) .
Try increasing it by 10 at a time.

You can also increase Maximum number of passes to give discovery a better chance of reaching all the devices in your network. I've found that all my devices are found in the first pass at least 95% of the time.

Yes, I have tried all of the suggestions. I increased the time between commands as well as the number of passes. I found a discussion thread started by the creator of the LIFX app and copied my post there. Hopefully, I will get a reply. The two bulbs, A19s, that it discovered work great, so I am hoping I can get it to recognize the remaining four that I have. Here's the link to that thread.

I cycled all of my Color 1000s off for five seconds and then turned them back on. After that, I ran discovery again and LIFX Master found them all.

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