Migration from C-7 to C-8: C-8 only showing a 100MB network port connection

I just finished upgrading from my C-7 to the C-8 a few moments ago. During the setup process, I noticed that my network was showing that the C-8 was only connected at FE (meaning 100MB connection) where my C-7 shows GBE (meaning 1,000MB / 1GB connection).

I thought it was just a cable I was using to setup the C-8. After the hub was successfully restored from the cloud backup from the C-7, I shutdown the device then placed it in the same spot where the C-7 was (using the same network cable from the C-7) and after the C-8 booted up, I noticed that it was still reporting FE (a 100 MB connection).

Maybe this is just a fluke and in a few hours it will restore itself or what not but... if it doesn't the question remains... was the network port was downgraded from 1GB to 100MB?

UPDATE: After about 25 minutes, it's now reporting at 1GB. .:wipes head:.

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What could a hub possibly use even 10 Mbps for?


THe C7 and the C8 both have 100mbps connections. Neither has a 1Gb connection. This is a Unifi reporting anomaly.


What @brad said.


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