Migration advice

So my wife has left for the weekend and I can finally bring my C5 hub down and try to migrate to the c7 i bought well over a year ago. (It took quite a bit of effort to get her to start using/accepting things around the house and I didn't want to risk any backsliding if her favorite buttons stopped working :roll_eyes:) From all of my researching this should be a "relatively painless" endeavor, but I thought I would check here first for some advice or recommendations before I went down a path I couldn't easily undo.

My current system is a c5 hub connected to a smartthings hub via the "hub connect" user integration, as well as, lutron and hue bridges with their respective built-in integrations.

Since my c5 isn't using its zigbee/zwave radios, is it really as simple as; backing up the c5 to the cloud, shutting it down, using the hub protect migration tool on the new c7, setting the c7 to the old c5's ip, and celebrating?

If you aren't using z-wave devices on your C-5, there is literally no advantage to using a C-7. Just stick with the C-5 and save yourself the time.


This is my first step in a multi step migration plan. After I successfully duplicate my c5 hub to the new c7, I plan to disable "hub connect" on the new c7 and remove all of my zigbee and zwave devices from the smartthings hub. Then I'll add them to a 2nd c7 and link the two c7s via hub mesh.

Hopefully disabling first, will prevent all the "hub connect" app generated devices from being deleted so i can just go back in and replace all the "hub connect" devices with "hub mesh" devices from the 2nd c7.


But you can use the C5 for Zigbee devices and hub mesh as well.. same radio as in the C7. That's exactly what I am doing. No need to buy another hub. If you already have one, well.. you could use it for Zigbee but then consider using the C5 for network and cloud apps & devices like Alexa etc.

I'd considered that, but really like the idea of keeping the old c5 intact as a reference since there's not a way to look through old backups that I'm aware.

Once I've successfully split it's functionality across the two newer hubs, i can keep it for reference for a bit and eventually relegate it to future projects or spares.

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Ideally you'd want a C-7 for a spare not a C-5 since that will be your primary one. I don't think you can use HE's migration service to migrate back down to a C5 and that's something you'd likely want as a potential option if having a backup is a concern.

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Great point. I hadn't thought of that.

So if I'm understanding you correctly, i should use the migration service to duplicate my existing c5 to one of the new c7s, but than put that new c7 aside, and keep using the old c5 as my main hub and the other c7 as my smartthings replacement hub.

Mmm.. I guess you are considering your non-zigbee/non-z-wave hub your "main" hub? If that is true then you will not need the Hub migration service at all - just a simple backup and restore. Also you can keep the backup file for future restoration if necessary and this would work for either a C5 or C7.