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My Hubitat Elevation hub is arriving today. I have an existing ST hub with only 17 devices on it and a handful of automations. I also have some panels for them in Actiontiles. I've read as many migration posts as I could. I am looking forward to moving into this new environment as it seems to be supported much more in-depth than ST,

Can anyone suggest a guide or a step-by-step process to migrate my ST hub to Hubitat? Does the hub to hub tool work for my situation? Thanks and apologies if this answer exists somewhere already.

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Hubconnect comes highly recommended by those who still own a SmartThings hub

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I would say just start browsing the forums here Everyone' implementations are different so you mileage will vary. When I did one migration I started with just getting the Modes and Time of Day logic down first so I had something to work from.

Then I started with simple automation such as stair light on turn on basement lights, etc. The more complex migrations came later. Since I treat every room as it's own zone it made this type of migration possible to move all the devices by room from ST to Hubitat along with the automation.

Have fun.

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Take things SLOWLY.
Think how mature your existing ST system is and how many months it took putting it together and then plan your migration leaving sufficient time for your new Mesh’s to establish.

Understand that device range and routing under ST will likely be different under HE.

Understand that you’re losing the BIG computer in the cloud and replacing it with a tiny computer in a little case.

Oh and take things slowly.
Add no more than 6 devices and let things settle for several hours. It might seem painfully slow but Slow = Smooth = Fast


Migrate wired devices closest to the hub first so you have repeaters to reach the further devices later. It may take a few days of playing in the web interface to figure out the options and get comfortable with it. You'll want to install the dashboard app soon so you have a better representation of what's going on in your environment rather than going to each device to check them out. however it's easiest to let the dashboard create itself after all the devices have been added, later you will figure out how to manipulate the dashboard to your liking and add devices as you join them.

Thanks everyone. Good advice from you all. I've got all of my ST devices migrated over. Missing a few of my LIFX bulbs. I have installed LIFX Master and it found some of them. I've created a sandbox dashboard to keep track of all my devices and for testing virtual devices. The user interface seems a lot more integrated than ST.