Migrating to Hubitat: best way to add Ikea / Tradfri devices?

I'm slowly getting my Hubitat system set up and was wondering what the best approach is for all my Ikea Tradfri devices.
I currently have some bulbs connected directly to Smartthings, and it's "fine;" delayed execution or sometimes missed triggers. I have other devices like lighting drivers, remotes, and dimmers connected to the Tradfri hub. The Tradfri hub regularly needs to be rebooted to get automations to trigger from Homekit.

With Elevation and the beta Homekit support, I was hoping to forego buying the new Dirigera hub ($80) and pair all my Tradri devices directly with Elevation.

Are there any issues or unsupported Tradfri devices?

Nearly all my interaction with all my smart devices is through HomeKit, if that makes a difference.

Bulbs should directly connect and the ones I have remaining work fairly well. (I do occasionally have to re-pair a few after a power outage.) I do not have personal experience with their plugs or repeaters, but I believe I have read that they work well.

As to the buttons, it depends on which buttons, and what you want them to do. They will not pair with the hub as anything useful (i.e. you cannot simulate direct button pushes through hubitat). However, I was able to pair them with the hub as "things" after direct linking them to lights. They only worked for on/off and dimming. They did not work for scrolling through color temperature. They also caused a REAL pain when trying to re-pair them to the lights that had to be re-paired after power outages. So, I got rid of the buttons and replaced them with Hue Dimmers. Have been much happier with that set up.

Your out of luck with those Ikea buttons with Hubitat. Ive got a dozen of them myself in my a bag in my leftover automation stuff. There was a driver that worked kind of. It would burn the battery in 24 hours.

Sengled has a cheap pico remote for around $10 that works well. On/off and dimming.

So, if I want to use the buttons the only option is an Ikea hub then?

No, you can only have 1 hub for the most part. You may be able to virtual switch them in through homekit or such, but im not an apple guy, and have no idea how that works. How many buttons are we talking here?

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