Migrating older GE Z-Wave outlet to Hubitat


I was finally successful at migrating an older GE Z-wave model ZW-1001/12721 outlet socket to Hubitat from the Iris system. Here are the steps needed to accomplish this.

  1. Power down the Hubitat hub. Use the Iris hub. Place it very near the outlet. In the Iris app under "Devices" select the outlet. Click on Delete. You should get a successfully deleted message.

  2. Now go to Iris app "Z-Wave Tools" at the bottom of the "Devices" menu and click on it. Select "Remove Z-Wave Devices". Click on "Remove Z-Wave Devices" button. You should get a message saying the device was successfully removed.

  3. This may not be necessary, but I did it to assure a reboot of the outlet. I switched off the associated circuit breaker for the outlet for about 30 seconds.

  4. Now, turn off Iris hub and reboot Hubitat. You must do a "Z-Wave Exclude" from the Hubitat hub. Have the Hubitat hub close to the outlet. Go to "Settings" and select "Z-Wave Details". Click on the "Z-Wave Exclude" button and quickly go to the outlet (because you only have 30 seconds) and press the button 3 or 4 times. ( I think you get a message saying device excluded, but I don't remember.)

  5. You are now ready to pair outlet to Hubitat! Have the Hubitat hub close to the outlet. Go to "Devices" menu and click on the "Discover ZigBee and Z-Wave Devices" button. Go to the outlet and press the button 3 or 4 times. Hopefully you will get a message showing the outlet was found. Save the device as you would normally do.

I was told by the service department at GE that if this doesn't work, you will have to send it into GE to have it reset. Not very practical. Service number is 1-800 654-8483




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  4. Profit.



Couldn't you just turn off the IRIS hub (assuming you're never going to fire it up again), do an Exclude from HE, power cycle the outlet for 30 sec, power it back up and join to HE?

I don't have any of these outlets. Just curious.


Sorry, posted by mistake before I finished.


I tried all that several times and it would not exclude just using the HE hub.


Sorry. Posted before I finished typing by mistake.


You should be able to either start at step 4 (a general Z-Wave exclusion you can perform from any hub or controller) or do a device-specific exclusion/removal from Iris and proceed to step 5. I’ve never used these outlets either, but if they’re like the older GE switches, they can be tricky, so it certainly can’t hurt to do both (and a device reset if that’s different, which on most devices will also make the device forget its Z-Wave pairing but apparently doesn’t necessarily on older GE devices).

So...if you’ve found something that works for you, I guess keep doing it. :slight_smile: (You just might be able to get by with a bit less...or might need to do a bit more.)