Migrating multiple HE hubs into 1 C8

Is there a way to migrate multiple hubs z wave/zigbee databases into a single c8? I have 3 c5 hubs for each level in my house (dont ask why; this was The only way i could make aqara devices stay reliably connected), a c5 for home assistant and homebridge integration, a c7 for webcore and another C7 as the main communicator for general rules and wifi devices.
I was wondering with c8 having better antennas, if i have the 3 hubs for each level zigbee and zwave devices migrated to a c8, that would be a perfect backup if there is a major fail. Is that possible?

Can only migrate the radios from one hub, the other two would need to be a manual exclude and include of the devices.

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Sounds good. Thanks

Also be sure to check out the migration document for the latest tips when migrating from an older hub to a new C-8.