Migrating from Wink--what are my options for Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

I just received my Hubitat hub a couple days ago. I currently have a couple of Lutron Connected Bulb remotes that have buttons linked to Wink robots. I assume I need a Lutron L-BDGPRO2-WH SmartBridge and that I'll need to replace the Connected Bulb remotes with Pico(s) to get similar functionality? Is there anything specific I need to be aware of?

Just need the SmartBridge Pro, and enable Telnet on it when you set it up. Youโ€™ll be blown away by how much more flexible the Pico are and how fast.

If you have a Hue bridge, you can use the connected bulb remotes with the lights and the bridge. But definitely hang onto the connected bulb remotes! Theyโ€™re discontinued and great for resetting Zigbee bulbs.

Perfect -- thanks.

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There are starter kits available that are less expensive than the bridge by itself, and if I remember correctly they included a dimmer and a Pico. I think it was @ogiewon that posted a link to the seller. I believe Amazon has them too, but at a slightly higher price.

Here is the site I have been ordering Lutron devices from, including the Smart Bridge Pro2


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EnergyAvenue.com has some great pricing on the Smart Bridge Pro2 and Pico. Thanks guys.


One other question regarding the Pico; is there a way to do live dimming if the pico is controlling a z-wave dimmer. So for instance, I have a couple of plug-in GE dimmers that control our night stand lamps. Would/could pressing and holding the dim/bright buttons on the Pico continuously (and smoothly) dim or brighten the lamps?

Smooth dimming with Pico is supported in Hubitat, but only when the device driver supports it. I don't know if the GE dimmers are on that list.

I see new plug-in dimmers in my future. It would be cheaper to have a crack habit.

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Most of the Zigbee Smart Bulbs support the recently added press and hold to dim feature. I have a few Picos around the house that I have implemented this for Sengled and Cree smart bulbs. It works really well. I use @stephack's ABC (Advanced Button Controller) to start dimming on the 'held' event, and to stop dimming on the 'released' event. My wife loves that the Picos now behave like our GE Z-Wave Dimmer switches.

@mike.maxwell could probably shed some light on whether or not this is feature is possible with Z-Wave devices. I know Mike is using a feature of the Zigbee specification to 'start dimming' and 'stop dimming'. I do not know if Z-Wave has this capability or not.

it does, and it is implemented within our zwave drivers


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