Migrating from Vera Edge

Had a stable Vera for years so I did touch it. It died and I moved to Hubitat. Re-pairing older devices, Leviton first gen wall dimmers, has not gone smoothly and some just wont pair. They exclude just fine. Any ideas?

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There is a list of compatible devices here:

If it is on the list, it should work.

Is it a Z-Wave switch? Some older 300 series (Z-Wave non plus) devices can sometimes be problematic on their own and will sometimes cause issues with the Z-Wave mesh.

@lastmacuser Anytime you have a failed z-wave pairing, stop what you're doing and check for ghosts. Ghosts can prevent you from pairing more devices until it's removed. That said, if you know you don't have any ghosts, pair the devices as close to the hub as you can...

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