Migrating devices from one hub to another?

I started off with one hub (C5), and then purchased a new hub (C7) to focus on a different region in the house; I am thinking of adding a third. My problem is that I would like to migrate devices from one hub to another in an easier fashion than having to physically go to each device to be excluded from one hub and then go through the physical process at each device to pair it with the new hub. I am looking for a solution that would allow me to do this at my computer terminal only instead of at each device. Some of the devices require using a screwdriver to get access to the pairing button or to remove the device by removing the adhesive tape holding it in place. At the moment, I am using Hub Mesh, so I can at least control a device on a different hub, but I want to reduce hops in mesh network by creating essentially zones.

At my house, I have three zones. I have a detached garage that I have turned into my computer center/office, where I have my router and several servers, switches and other hardware mounted in my 48U, 4-post rack. Inside my house itself, I have two physically separated, insulated attic spaces. I have run 10GBase-SR fiber connections between the detached garage and these attic spaces to create my internal backbone. All of the devices in the detached garage with Ethernet ports connect to the switch there and devices in the front half and rear half of the house connect to their nearest switch. I then put UniFi UAP AC Pro access points connected to each of these switches to provide three WiFi zones.

My first Hubitat was purchased to control the lights and the lock to the detached office. I then started adding some devices in the master bedroom of the house, which is about 15 feet away but in a physically different structure. I then added some devices on the front side of my house and these were "iffy" to connect, so I bought my second hub for the front of the house. I would like to get a third hub to put in my rear attic space to cover the rear of my house, then assign each device to its nearest hub, even though it is currently on my detached office hub.

Generally speaking, you cannot do what you want. Unless these are all LAN connected devices.

You can migrate your Z-Wave devices from one hub to the other without excluding them if you purchase a Hub Protect subscription. But you can’t choose which Z-Wave devices will migrate and which will not. It’s an all or nothing process.

If you have in mind that the difficult to migrate (e.g. Difficult to exclude/include) devices will be the ones that need to be on the new hub, then maybe it will still be worthwhile to you. Then you can just deal with manually moving the easier to exclude/include devices back to the old hub if that’s what’s needed.


I thought about this. My concern is that one could end up with a bunch of stranded devices if selective exclusion fails. Or multiple z-wave radios paired to the same device. And consequently, multiple messed up z-wave networks.

Good point. So I would probably migrate the Z-Wave radio, then exclude whatever I wanted back on the old hub. Then boot the old hub, reset the Z-Wave radio and re-include the devices that I excluded from the new hub.

Then fix or remove the rules in the two hubs that were no longer valid for the device that were split between the two. That might include adjusting them to use devices shared via Hub Mesh.

This will require work and careful planning, but at least you wouldn’t have to also go through the exclude/include process for as many devices as you would otherwise.

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