Migrated from ST

Well, I'm new here from ST. I recognize a lot of the names and avatars on here.
I wasn't happy with the direction that ST was heading, so I'm happy to see HE working well and supporting everything I own.


Welcome! You’ll find a lot of ST refugees among the crowd here.


It’s always nice to see a message indicating the transition went well! Welcome to Hubitat!

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Welcome! I came from ST as well one month ago. So far my findings are that the Hubitat has 2-3x the learning curve but 10x the capability.


Hi @diehllane.

Ex ST myself. Welcome to the platform.=)

If you need any help with anything you'll find plenty of info here, and plenty of helpful people to fill the gaps if needed.

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I'm thrilled to have migrated from ST to HE over 6 months ago...best decision ever.

I worked through a few of the C7 Z-Wave radio quirks with chatty motion sensors that are well documented with easy work-arounds documented on this community forum. Now my C5 & C7 hubs are all good now and more robust with local processing, great apps/drivers and totally better development/integration platform than ST.... #NeverLookBack

The new ST/Samsung dysfunctional client & backend cloud platform changes were causing any remaining hairI I had to fall out! :rofl:


ST refugee here too. Have been using Hubitat for about 6 months or so. I really like it because it's stable and allows for more control and complexity without being overly complicated. I tried Home Assistant, too, and while I think it's wonderful, it's just too cumbersome. I did get the hang of it and had it working pretty well, but having everything all in one device, on one platform, and stable for the most part, has kept me with Hubitat.

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I'm an ST users and to be frank it has work quite well to me 95% of the time and they are increasing integration with other devices despite the recent change. Found some of my devices that don't use to support on ST now supporting on ST. But the Hubitat's local control is what draws me. So I went ahead to purchase a unit to test it out. Hopefully I can migrate everything over from ST but I already see a couple of items that might have challenge but as I am still totally new to hubitat, it's going to be hell of a learning for me,

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Welcome to Hubitat. I, too, am a ST refugee. If you have a large ST installation and you want to do the switchover gradually consider HubConnect. It allows you to access the devices still connected to your ST hub from HE. It may also be something you decide to keep running if you have some irreplaceable devices that require ST.

The transition may not as bad as you might think! Some of the devices that used to be supported on ST may still be supported. The compatible device list (List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation) identifies those devices that the staff at HE have actually tested. Of course there are some they don't test just because of limited resources. Many zigbee or zwave devices do still work either by using one of the generic drivers or by using a community-supported driver. Wifi device interfaces are often ported from ST by well-wishers, so you may get lucky there too.

And of course the Hubitat community is extremely helpful!

Thank you! Looking forward to receiving my Hubitat.


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