Migrated from C7 to C8 and Hue outdoor motion sensor will not work


I recently updated from the C7 to the C8 and most everything seems to be working great. However, I have one Hue outdoor motion sensor that will add as a device but then immediately fall off (attributes all stay the same and unable to refresh). I have seen a few threads on this site regarding these sensors and the C8 but nothing seems to have a solution. Has someone found a solution to this? My return window is closing and I want to make sure I can get this fixed prior.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


I had to remove the device totally from hubitat and then.reset the hue . Then pair it.

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I ultimately did the same, This was quite a while ago, but this (coupled with C-8 updates), got them to stick and function reliably.

Mine recently starting acting up and my solution right now was to reduce Zigbee power to setting 4. I have lots of outlets that act as repeaters for it.

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Yep, that was one of the key moves that finally got ZB stable for me on my C8. Seems somewhat counterintuitive, but my mesh works best when the repeaters are doing all the heavy lifting (versus trying to pusue direct connections)