Migrate from c5 to c7 (pairing of devices)

Bought a new c7 to replace my c5. Now in order to migrate i thought i can just do a backup on c5, and restore it on c7 and everything would work fine.

I did it and no sensor/light was reacting on the c7.

Support answer was to repair all devices again. (Over 100 lights, sensors...)

Can the community please confirm or is there a way to not again pair every device?

Support are correct as previously some of the paired data was stored on USB based radios.
This is no longer the case with c7 hubs and stuff like this is not always able to be backwards compatible.
There’s a company guide HERE for migrating Zwave devices.


Not what i wanted to hear but thank you very much for the quick reply!


I feel for you because I’m currently still running a C4 and this is something I’ve yet to face.

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Question... my c5 is still (barely) working. (Hardware defect with charching port) Got the c7 ready. Would it make sense to wait with the migration until they release the subscription service (apparently coming with version 2.2.5), then do the backup (WITH the radio) and migrate to c7? (Really trying to avoid the repairing process)

Only you can answer if your happy waiting for something that ‘might’ be in 2.2.5.
There is no assurance that it will be released then so are YOU ok to wait if it slips to a later date ?
Can you get the family on board with this task ?
If I had the need, the opportunity and the time to re build my new C7 mesh, I’d just do it.
It’s not really something you can 1/2 do unless you chose to build out say all Zigbee repeaters, then the Zigbee devices and then Link the two hubs, etc.


Adding my experience.

I migrated from a C5 to C7 about a month ago.

I have roughly:
35 zwave
35 zigbee

Hub connected to a second C5 with about 25 lan/cloud connections.

I admit I took things slow. I got Hubconnect running first and that took me too long.

The whole process took me about two and a half days.

I would recommend waiting at least until the 2.2.4 update

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I just got my new C7 to replace my C5. Is it any easier now or do I still have to re-pair all my devices. That sounds daunting and not very fun!

It can be substantially easier if you use the Hub Protect service. This will permit a seamless migration of all your z-wave devices without the need to exclude them from the C-5 and include them using the C-7.

Zigbee devices will have to be reset individually, but when zigbee pairing is activated on C-7, they will pair with their existing device name and device-id.


Argh. I guess I hit the paywall. :confounded:

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Yup. What Ashok said.

One thing is unclear for me though. I think you need to purchase the protection service for your C5, backup the C5, restore on the C7, and then contact support to move the protection service to your C7.

But I not sure.

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Would be sweet if they included a one-time migration if you are upgrading hubs.

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As @bobbyD has pointed out a few times, the primary purpose of Hub Protect is to provide an extended warranty. Facile migration of z-wave devices is ancillary to that, and was created for the express reason that Hubitat can ship out a warranty replacement hub that already has z-wave devices migrated.

But in any case, here's the work around:

Zigbee devices would still be migrated in exactly the same way as described in my previous post.


Ok now I am thoroughly confused. I ended up buying Hub Protect 1) to make the migration easier and 2) To support Hubitat as a company because I enjoy their products.

That being said, their Hub Protect migration guide is a bit ambiguous. I am performing the Z-Wave Repair on my C-5 as we speak. After that, I will do a cloud backup.

The part I am unsure about is it sounds like the Hub Protect I just bought is non-transferrable. So now I have Hub Protect on a Hub I am about to get rid of and it can't be transferred to my new C-7. Is that correct?

Also, do I need to purchase another Hub Protect plan for the C-7 in order to restore my cloud backup?

Is there anything I am missing here? Trying to do things the right way in order to not screw things up.

I do realize I will need to re-pair my Zigbee devices after migration, which is fine, but will they just show up as a previously paired device or am I going to need to rebuild all my automations and everything? I sure hope it's the former. :slight_smile:

No. You don't. Unless you want an extended warranty on your C-7.

Again, bear in mind the primary purpose of Hub Protect is to provide Hubitat owners the option of purchasing an extended warranty - hence the name "Hub Protect".

I don’t want to protect my C5. I want to protect my C7. I only bought hub protect so I could make the migration easier to the new device.

I understand that. But z-wave migration isn't the reason that Hub Protect is offered as a service.

Dead hub = unusable. All other situations are a hub that is perfectly usable/sellable whatever.

I get it. But you have to admit my use case is logical and should be addressed as one.

I don't share that perspective.

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