Miele@home Integration

Searched the forums and couldn't find anything, but does anyone have any Miele appliances?

We just got a new washer and dryer and they are wifi enabled and have their own app. They also give out api access for anyone who requests it.


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Looks easy to code.. all json replies. However the downside is all cloud API which is a bummer.


I'm going to have a go at this, I'll put a beta up when I've got something running.

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Unfortunately it's not worth building an integration to the Miele REST API. Looking at the docs it seems pretty well designed and easy to integrate to. In reality the behaviours actually implemented on my dishwasher (G7660) are an annoyingly small subset of what's possible via the app and some key functions require half the program setup to be done via the app or on the machine before the machine is in the correct state to accept commands via the API. Disappointing for such a premium brand. I might have another look if they improve the integration support.

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